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Photo by Dave Perlmutter

Photo by Dave Perlmutter

While the summer doldrums took upon Ranger country earlier than many had hoped, we thought we would start a fun weekly feature to help the time pass by.

We begin this week with a bold question: Should the Rangers trade Henrik Lundqvist?

Obviously, a huge question that at face value employs a typical "No!" reaction. However, the question was recently presented to me with a few points.

Here are some key thoughts:

- The Rangers aren't contenders now, nor will they likely be next year or possibly two years down the line.

- Lundqvist is in his prime now.

- Lundqvist would yield several high assets in return.

The thinking is this. Considering the Rangers are a couple years away (at least) from truly contending, Lundqvist's dominant play is essentially being wasted on a sub-par team.

Let's say a trade was presented whereas the Rangers would trade Lundqvist and an expiring contract to the Washington Capitals for Mike Green, Thomas Fleischmann, Simeon Varlamov, and a pick.

The Rangers would get a good goalie, a stud defenseman to complement Del Zotto and Staal and a solid top-six forward.

Would this move make the Rangers closer to contention than if they didn't make the trade?

There's the debate. Let's hear some rationale for both corners.

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Stay tuned...

Posted by Dan Akeson | April 25, 2010 at 12:04 am

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