How far will the Rangers get this season?

Rangers Live Blog: NYR vs. Toronto, 7 PM
The Rangers look to extend their winning streak at MSG

Two teams going in opposite directions. The Rangers are riding a four-game winning streak. The Maple Leafs are winless on the season.

Which record will stay?

We'l l be updating live from the Garden tonight (as long as this questionable internet connection stays up)

Game getting underway.

7:07 - John Amirante takes us to puck drop. Redden, despite improved play, still has not won over the Garden faithful.

Quick lines: Prospal - Dubinsky - Gaborik

Higgins - Drury - Callahan

Lisin - Anisimov - Avery

Brashear - Boyle - Kotalik

7:10 - Rangers go on the PP early on a tripping call to Toronto. First unit has Kotalik and Del Zotto on the point.

7:11 - Rangers to be 5-on-3 on a high sticking call to Komisarek. 1:09 of two-man advantage.

7:13 - Callahan scores on a rebound. Rangers lead 1 - 0. Don't think the first penalty expired so the Rangers will be 5-on-4.

7:26 - A couple technical glitches resolved. Better photo too. Rangers lead 2 - 0 on a goal by Wade Redden. Donald Brashear has g otten into it with Colton Orr. Brashear winning so far, much to the delight of the fans. 

7:28 - Who would have thought tonight would be the night that both Redden and Brashear hear cheers? Both have worked very hard early in the season and deserve the applause.

7:29 - A couple observations, since Mats Sundin left Toronto, the Maple Leafs are really missing a go-to figurehead. Perhaps Phil Kessel will fill that role. I suppose Luke Schenn could also eventually fit the bill. Shots 12 - 4 in favor of the Rangers. 

7:34 - A big hit in the defensive zone by Lisin. Lundqvist gets a little help from the post. Six minutes remaining in the first period. 

7:39 - Don't worry Twitterers we haven't forgotten about you. Twitter analysis after the period.

7:40 - Rangers take a bad penalty with too many men on the ice. Pretty obvious. There are a group of fans in the 415 area with I Love NY tee shirts. Not sure what's the occasion, but I doubt that's licensed NHL merchandise.

7:42 - Toskala robs Callahan in front on the PK. Unbelievable save. A little tussle near the penalty boxes as Dubinsky gets into it with Komisarek.

7:46 - Gaborik creates a lot of space, especially on the PK. For such a noticeable guy, he often goes unnoticed. Avery gets run into and knocks down Orr. A late scramble by the Leafs and a goal in front of Lundqvist. 

7:47 - Period ends with a 2 - 1 Rangers lead. Shots on goal : Rangers - 15, Leafs - 8

8:14 - It appears our technical difficulties are at least temporarily resolved. An early goal by Dan Girardi gives the Rangers a 3 - 1 lead with 11:32 to go.

8:16 - Lundqvist bails out the Rangers on some sloppy communication by the Rangers forwards. 9:26 to go shots 19 - 13 in favor of the Rangers 

8:18 - Trey Anastasio of Phish is in attendance. Saw him at Jones Beach this summer. Very talented guitarist. Heard good things about their new album. TV timeout over, second line on the ice. Faceoff to the right of Henrik.

8:24 - Wade Redden gets tripped up behind the net by Niklas Hagman. Rangers on the power play.

8:31 - Rangers nearly kill off Chris Higgins' interference penalty when Gaborik is called for slashing. Blake sneaks one in on the short side of Lundqvist who was leaning slightly to the opposite post. 3 - 2 Rangers with 2:39 to go. Shots 20 - 19 in favor of the Rangers.

8:35 - Dubinsky takes a kneeing penalty with 42 seconds remaining. Toronto has caught up in shots and opportunities during the second period. 

8:38 - Drury and Callahan get a 2-on-1 opportunity that leads to a crash on the net. Toskala is shook up, but Blake receives a penalty for cross checking negating the Dubinsky call. 25 seconds remaining. 

8:40 - Period ends. Rangers lead 3 - 2. Shots on goal: NYR - 22, TOR - 21. Will the Rangers have enough legs to hold the one goal lead for one more period or will last night's game catch up with them?

9:00 - Third period underway. Both teams skate 4-on-4.

9:30 - The Rangers continued to apply the pressure with three goals in the final period of the game. Avery made it 4-2 with a sneaky backhand from the slot(1:56). A minute later Gaborik increased the lead to 5-2 as he went to the net hard and tapped in a rebound while down on the ice. The Blueshirts continued the scoring with a hard shot from Girardi at 13:41 into the third to gain a three goal league. While the Leafs seemed to be done for the evening, Avery wasn't and added a power-play goal with two minutes left in the third to make it an impressive seven goal night.

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