How far will the Rangers get this season?

May 25th Rangers Roundup
Callahan negotiations set to start, Jagr staying in KHL, Immonen won't be a Ranger either

- The latest reports regarding Jaromir Jagr are that he is deep into contract negotiations with SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL and isn’t even considering an NHL return at the moment.  Until he signs his name on a contract, the possibility will remain that Jagr will come back to North America.  However, that was a long-shot from the get-go, and the chances seem to be dwindling.  At his age, Jagr would probably be wise to keep playing on the bigger international ice surface where the chance of injury is less.  He wants to keep playing hockey, and that’s the best way to prolong his career. 

- The Fourth Period reports that the Rangers will soon begin contract negotiations with alternate captain Ryan Callahan.  No big surprise here and hopefully this deal gets done quickly.  Both sides want to reach an agreement, so there’s no reason for this to get messy.  It will be interesting to see how much Cally gets though.  That will impact the values of the Rangers’ other restricted free agents and it will help determine how much money they have to play with this summer. 

- It sounds like the Rangers will begin their “preseason” next fall against Frolunda, Henrik Lundqvist’s old team.  Henrik’s brother, Joel, currently plays for Frolounda, so obviously this matchup would have plenty of hype, at least for an exhibition game.  The game will likely be played on September 30th.  Lundqvist’s homecoming tour will be a huge deal in Sweden, no doubt. 

- There’s been no official announcement, but it sounds like the salary cap will get bumped to somewhere between $60.5 million and $63.5 million for next season.  That could have some interesting implications for the next CBA and for player escrow payments, but as far as the Rangers are concerned, the cap raise would be welcome news.  Fitting Brad Richards under the higher cap ceiling wouldn’t be much of a problem, and the Rangers should also easily be able to retain their own free agents.  They might even be able to consider a second semi-significant signing. 

- So much for those rumors about Jarkko Immonen returning to New York.  Jim Schoenfeld tells Bruce Berlet the team has “no interest.” 

- Here's today's draft profile of Tyler Biggs >


Posted by Kevin Baumer | May 25, 2011 at 04:44 pm

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