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HBO Begins Filming "24/7" Today: Why The Show Might Not Be Quite What You're Expecting

Sean Avery figures to get plenty of screen time

Sean Avery figures to get plenty of screen time

Sources indicate that HBO will begin filming the Rangers today for the second season of “24/7: Road to the Winter Classic,” which will keep Rangers fans across the country glued to their TV sets this winter.

Last year’s riveting look at the inner workings of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals was tremendous in its own right, but with the beloved Blueshirts the subject of this year’s show, the series could be some of the most memorable footage for Rangers fans yet produced.

HBO has proven its ability to nail behind the scenes sports shows and any all-access look at the Rangers would be entertaining, so there’s little doubt that the show will be a huge hit among the Blueshirt faithful.  Just don’t expect HBO to necessarily focus on the aspects of the organization that you’d like.

Though Rangers’ and Flyers’ fans will comprise a large percentage of “24/7’s” audience, HBO will be hoping to captivate all other hockey fans and hopefully some casual sports fans as well.  So while diehard Blueshirt fans would probably be thrilled if HBO focused solely on the intricate details of New York’s organization and the team’s development, it’s likely that the network will put more effort into capturing the major national storylines that could appeal to a wider audience. 

Diehard Rangers fans would love very different subplots than the network.  Some that come to mind:

- An inside look at the offices of the cigar-smoking general manager

- A look at how the homegrown group of young players interacts on and off the ice

- An understanding of how Henrik Lundqvist operates

- Any footage of Ryan Callahan’s growth as a leader

- Displays of chemistry between the young players on and off the ice

- A look at Marian Gaborik’s revival, or lack there-of


But HBO would likely prefer options such as:

- An examination of fiery Coach John Tortorella’s demeanor away from the rink compared to at it

- A tour of the hot spots of New York City with Sean Avery

- An examanation of the new Madison Square Garden

- How high-priced free agent Brad Richards takes to his new home

- A view of the home lives of various players and their families

That’s not to say that “24/7” won’t feature a mixture of material, but the network has a larger audience to cater to than just the Ranger-obsessed.  Though Sean Avery could have little to no role on the Blueshirts this year, he’s a compelling national sports figure with an eclectic personality and could command heavy air-time on the show. 

While hardcore Rangers fans would probably prefer the show to really examine the many storylines of the season, HBO must try to appeal to the largest audience possible and may choose to stay with broader, obvious plots than the minute details that could make the show unforgettable.



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Posted by Kevin Baumer | September 14, 2011 at 09:58 am

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