How far will the Rangers get this season?

Keys to Victory? It hasn't changed
Players say they know but will they walk their talk?

New York Rangers

New York Rangers

There is no need for a long post breaking down what the New York Rangers need to do in order to hand the Philadelphia Flyers a loss on their ice in game four.

The players all spoke of the need to play with better on ice discipline and avoid putting the Flyers on the power play. So far the Ranger's penalty kill has been almost perfect in stopping a major potion of the Flyer offense. 

Don't just "talk the talk" but rather "walk the talk" and let the Flyers sit in the penalty box.

Attack the Flyer net as I for one do not believe Steve Mason is going to be playing at 100% otherwise he would gave played a lot sooner in game 3 perhaps even started it. Put bodies in his crease and keep fighting for the puck in the crease.

No perimeter shots as they are easy to see and easy to stop so attack, attack, and attack the Flyer net

Get Rick Nash involved in the offense and I don't mean more assists (unless they come off shots on goal from in close).

60 minutes of effort, nothing less is acceptable.

And finally trust AV as he has done a marvelous job just out smarting and adapting to the game than the Flyer's Craig Berube. 

Just win boys

See that was easy wasn't it?

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | April 25, 2014 at 03:36 am

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