How far will the Rangers get this season?

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Another ucler making loss in game 4

New York Rangers

New York Rangers

You know what I am not going to bother rehashing why the New York Rangers gave away game four of their series with the Philadelphia Flyers as I am sure you don't need to torture yourself any more than the team did. Saturday Night is a big night for all of us here at the Blueshirt Bulletin as the magazine and everything about iot is  going to undergo a major rebranding.

In an event that is also designed to help raise money for Ice Hockey In Harlem, the magazine is going to show the world about the changes being made. The rebranding will take place at Suite 36 and hopefully you can come out to meet fellow Ranger fans as well as former Rangers Nick Fotiu and Ron Greschner. For more information on the event check out this link here.

That said maybe the magazine isn't the only one who needs to undergo a rebranding as man it is way past old to have to deal with nights like Friday. Nothing is sadder than seeing Ranger fans on Facebook and Twitter asking the same question: Why can't the Rangers put back to back playoff games together?

Before the playoffs a couple of folks said to me that making the playoffs in 8 out of the last 9 years is a sign of the team being competitive. I disagree as when 16 teams can make the playoffs then it is no longer that hard of a task. To me it is what you do in those playoffs that should determine whether or not you are a competitive franchise.

Just one trip to the conference finals during these 8 years just doesn't cut it for me. Nor does 3 first round exits as well as 3 second exits. This franchise needs a player who come playoff time is going to rise to the occasion and put the team on his back so competing for the CUP is what happens.

I seriously doubt it will be Rick Nash not with his 2 goals in 19 career playoff games. Is Rick Nash afraid to attack the net these days because of his concussion history? I mean other than the one rush with 25 seconds left in the game, I kept seeing Facebook posts and tweets asking where was Rick Nash?

This franchise needs a rebranding in which the team realizes that is is really OK to put a string of strong efforts together during the playoffs. I hate losing but I can live with it better if I know the team gave it more than 5 minutes of intense effort (3 at the start, 2 at the end).

It needs a rebranding in which instead of the constant postgame  "we need to be better at (insert weakness here)" that someone on the team challenges his teammates to stop talking and start playing. Maybe having locker rooms where everyone loves each other as recent Ranger locker rooms have claimed to be need some tension in them.

Give this franchise a rebranding to where 60 minute efforts are happening on a consistent basis not every other game or when the team is in trouble. A rebranding for where (OK one quote about last night via Katie Strang) The Rangers lacked that crucial quality -- killer instinct is not as common as it has been for these 9 years.

Someone please tell the Ranger players that it is OK to kick the crap out of a team and having easy wins is a much better way to go than 1 goal nightmares. Really it is OK when you are up 3-1 to make it 4,5,6,7 or even 8-1.  Open up a butt kicking so the other guys are wondering in between games if they can beat the Rangers.

Instead now they head to New York Sunday believing they can win on Garden ice and it is nobody's fault but the Ranger skaters. And I hate saying this but I have this really bad feeling that it will be the Rangers playing scared instead of the Flyers.

I know there will be those who say "well as long as we keep playing well in the odd games we will win the series" and while that is a nice hope, it is also a misleading one. Seriously you just know that the NHL if the Rangers have to go 7 games will schedule game 1 of the second round on Friday so they can give NBC a Sunday afternoon game.

Sorry but it is time to rebrand more than a magazine as the franchise it covers needs a bit of a makeover too.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | April 26, 2014 at 02:48 am

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