How far will the Rangers get this season?

Time to end another streak
Please no more every other game weak efforts

Derick Brassard (New York Rangers)

Derick Brassard (New York Rangers)

For game 2 the mantra has to be simple, no more half-hearted efforts by the New York Rangers. Win on Sunday and the Ranger erase that ugly 12 game losing streak that is an NHL record.

Win Sunday and you force Dan Blysma to think about making a goalie change as it wasn’t hard to see why the Rangers got to him. Take the puck to the net and Marc-Andre Fleury struggles with his decision making process. A goalie who has to think instead of reacting is a goalie in trouble.

Win Sunday and the Rangers show up on Monday full of positive energy knowing they took two games on Penguin home ice. A 2-0 lead going into Monday night doesn’t give the Penguins any times to really make any changes other than players.

Ranger fans know what the team needs to do in order to win game 2 as it starts with a consistent level with no taking periods off. The Rangers need to remember what got them a 2-0 first period and the final game winning goal and that is sending bodies in waves to the net.

If they wish to fix the power play they might get a clue from the last paragraph and attack the net instead of standing around waiting for someone else to make a play. I find it hard to believe that Derek Brassard and Benoit Pouliot are the only ones willing to do this. Heck tell Brian Boyle he doesn’t have to do anything other than to use that 6’7 frame of his and park it so Fleury can’t see what is going on. Who knows Boyle might be able to push a puck a foot to score goals.

But this message on attacking the net has to go to Rick Nash more than anyone else. I know Nash can do this as he has done it once in a while but if he wants to end this 2 goals in 24 playoff game drought this is what he has to do. I seriously doubt the Penguins have anyone who can stop a Rick Nash who is on the attack.

The rest is the basics which are limit the number of giveaways, play with discipline and avoid taking the “bad” penalties (anything in offensive zone or holding calls) which just make it easier for the Penguins to score.

Put the Penguins up against the wall and keep them there for a full 60 minutes and hopefully we will be talking what it will take to win game 3.

Bored? Check this list out

I got shown this list over at and it shows many a name who once played in the NHL and now play overseas. I just glanced down the list to see how many former Rangers were on it and I counted 15 names (they left out Petr Prucha) but it was sad to see 2 former Ranger first round picks on that list.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 4, 2014 at 05:38 am

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New York Rangers VS Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 3 0 0 - 3
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