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Greenville Road Warriors

Greenville Road Warriors

Although those closely associated to the game of hockey won’t admit it but hockey people are the most superstitious people in all of sport. This belief is proven the most at playoff time where players don’t shave until their team loses, arenas are full of fans wearing their team colors or waving towels.

I don’t deny that I am superstitious as I won’t eat chicken on a Ranger game night, my beard is filling in quite nicely and I have a secret weapon that is only brought out when it is “must must win.”

I believe in omens too and I think I have one heck of an omen for Ranger fans to take to heart when the Rangers take to the ice on Tuesday night for game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Greenville Road Warriors who call themselves the “Proud ECHL Affiliate of The New York Rangers” eliminated the Wheeling Nailers on Monday evening in Wheeling 4-0.

The Wheeling Nailers in case you didn’t know are the ECHL Affiliates of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Montreal Canadians. The prize for the Road Warriors is a trip to the ECHL’s Eastern Conference Finals which for the Road Warriors is their first in franchise history.

It gets better as NHL teams are only allowed place 8 players on an ECHL roster so there was Andrew Yogan (2010 4th) scoring just 5:05 into the first period on a wraparound goal to give the Road Warriors the only goal they would need. Ah but first we need to mention that Kyle Jean (2012 UFA) had the primary assist on the goal.

And it gets even better as 17 seconds later at 5:22 there was Michael St. Croix (2011 4th) scoring off a one-timer to make it 2-0 for the Road Warriors. St. Croix would have a double celebration on Monday when his junior team the Edmonton Oil Kings would win their 2nd WHL Championship in 3 years after knocking off the Portland Winterhawks.

In the 2nd period Andrew Yogan would pick up his 2nd point of the night when he earned a secondary assist on the Road Warriors 3rd goal of the game. Finally in the 3rd period it would be Josh Nicholls (2012 UFA) with the dagger goal just 1:24 into the period for a 4-0 lead and it was cruising time until the final buzzer.

The game’s first star was Jason Missiaen (2011 UFA) who earned his first career playoff shutout as he earned his 7th win of this year’s playoffs. The second star was Andrew Yogan who was 1-1-2 on the night.

The Road Warriors don’t know who they will face in the conference finals but this team which finishes its twitter feed with the hashtag #bleedblue has been fun to watch on the internet. Even better is how the team which entered the ECHL playoffs as the 7th seed is now 4 wins away from playing for the ECHL Championship.

In other words people, it is OK to believe to have hope and to think that the Rangers have a chance to knock off the Penguins. Grab whatever lucky charm you have, wear your lucky whatever but most importantly don’t be afraid to believe in a dream.

I know I will because I will sit in my favorite chair locked in my bedroom with my phone turned off and all my electronic toys locked away. I will be praying that the Rangers hang on until 5PM when my luckiest of charms is unleashed.

Those of you know me will know what it is and sorry I do not want to jinx the team by saying the word.

But just remember Tuesday Ranger fans everywhere hashtag WEBLEEDBLUETOGETHER

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 13, 2014 at 03:08 am

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