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Blame Themselves
Rangers handed game to the Canadiens

Henrik Lundqvist (Getty Images)

Henrik Lundqvist (Getty Images)

If you are looking for a ranting screaming piece on the dirty play by the Montreal Canadiens and the horrible performance as the causes of the New York Ranger’s 3-2 loss in game 3 then sorry I am going to disappoint you here. If anyone deserves blame it is the Rangers themselves for allowing themselves to lose this game.

Yes the non-calls were terrible but guess what ever since the NHL went to the two referee system, the quality of officiating has gone downhill. And in the playoffs when you are down to just 2 games being played then the piss poor quality being passed off as NHL officiating is much more noticeable.

The Rangers lost because they allowed the Canadiens to get under their skin, Dan Carcillo will be rightfully suspended for most likely the rest of the playoffs.  Sorry but a forearm to the jaw of a linesman is never going to be ignored,

Believe I do understand your anger over the blindsided hit on Derek Stepan by Brandon Prust but if you expect anything besides a fine then you don’t know the NHL. If anything I kind of thank Prust for the hit as Stepan came back and played with more fire than I have seen in a year.

No the Rangers lost because they couldn’t get the puck on goal or fumbled away excellent opportunities to score. Just when you thought Tokarski was some kind of stud goalie he can thank the Rangers for that. Barely any traffic in front of him and when there was then it was the Rangers losing the puck.

Then Rangers didn’t use the weapons that they have that makes them a superior team to the Canadiens which was their team speed. You saw spurts of it but it was never consistent or the Rangers simply stopped skating. The Canadiens were able to slow the Rangers down and it cost the Rangers.

The Rangers lost because they repeatedly lost their defensive assignments in their defensive zone. How many times did a Canadien’s player find himself wide open right in front of Henrik Lundqvist?  

And those goals the Canadiens scored, one off McDonagh’s foot and the game winner which bounced in off Alex Galchenyuk’s chest happened because of defensive breakdowns as the Ranger’s coverage on both goals were weak. 2 lucky goals and instead of a 3-0 series lead there will be a game 5 next Tuesday in Montreal.

The better team lost tonight because they gave away the game not because Montreal was better. The key between now and Sunday for Ranger’s coach Alain Vigneault now is to get his team to refocus on keeping their composure. Do that and remember to keep skating and game 4 will be a Ranger win.

Crime and Punishment

The NHL will review both the Prust hit on Stepan and the Carcillo forearm on the linesman and when the ruling comes down then odds are you will be upset. But what is really getting me is the repeated slewfoots that are not being seen or called.
PK Subban clearly kicks the skate of Derek Dorsett and it wasn’t accidental in any way shape or form but the refs and linesmen miss it.

A slewfoot is just as dangerous as a blindsided hit as the “victim” has no idea what is about to happen and can’t protect himself. If the NHL is going to review questionable hits then Subban’s needs to be on that list.

I know the quality of NHL officials is terrible and the NHL defends them as being the highest quality but the truth is when Gary Bettman decided to go with a 2 referee system. It was way before the NHL had trained and developed enough refs to do the job right.

That has led to a serious shortage in well trained officials mainly because all of hockey is having trouble attracting quality people willing to be refs or linesmen. I mean nobody grows up saying they want to be a NHL referee.

Only Carcillo will be suspended because the NHL has to support their officials from being abused. Prust might get a fine and a stern talking to while Subban will be going for his 3rd straight slewfoot on Sunday.

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 23, 2014 at 04:57 am

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