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New York Rangers

New York Rangers

OK I am the first to admit that I am not the most diplomatic of people and that has gotten me into trouble in the past since I prefer to speak my mind. It has been a really long time since I have really disliked hated the other team that the Rangers were facing in the playoffs. You have to go back to the 1970’s and the Philadelphia Flyers to find a team that got me angry about the way they played.

Growing up the Montreal Canadiens were a team you respected and in a way admired for everything about that franchise left you in a bit of awe. Now the Canadiens were tough if you messed with them but they were not dirty and like them or not you still respected them. That was then and this is now as this current roster of Canadiens are a disgrace to this uniform that they wear.

Sorry but I can’t respect anyone who has to resort to diving or slew-footing in order to gain an edge to win. When you get to the final four teams in the playoffs then it should be the four best teams remaining not the team that has fooled the refs the best. But that is what this series is sadly become, how well can the Canadiens get away with the nonsense they have been pulling.

When you can get the normally Anti-Ranger NBC announcers to notice and call players out for diving then you know something is wrong. Not one game has gone by without someone on the Canadiens either diving or P.K. Subban trying to slew-foot a Ranger.

It is time to end this series and silence the whiners and their accusations of Chris Kreider “accidentally on purpose” trying to injure Carey Price. Especially from a former Ranger who went out and hurt Derek Stepan in the next game.

It is time to send the team that accuses Ryan McDonagh of being a “serial slasher” on their way to their summer vacations. The truth is that McDonagh has been skating circles around the Canadiens while leading the Rangers in points during this series.

Thursday it has to be the Rangers who come out flying and attacking the Canadiens blueliners using the Ranger’s advantage in speed up front against the Canadiens. Thursday the Rangers need to take the puck right to the net none of these 30-40 foot shots (unless there is a legit screen in front) and force Tokarski out of his comfort zone.

Make Tokarski play deep inside his net where he doesn’t have any time to react to the Ranger attack. Tokarski will give up rebounds that way and the Rangers need to be all over the Canadiens. Stake Henrik Lundqvist to an early lead and then build on it. Play game 6 as if it is the Rangers who face elimination as nobody wants to gamble on a Saturday night game 7 in Montreal.

No take the game to the Canadiens but play it smart (hello Benoit Pouliot) and not take the offensive zone penalties that have hurt the team. Remember that it is the Canadiens who will be playing as if there is no more tomorrow for them so expect them to try to goad the Rangers into taking retaliation penalties. Thursday the best response will be putting a ton of goals past Tokarski and giving Ranger fans a chance to sing the Canadiens their way out the door.

John Moore

Giving John Moore a 2 game suspension for his hit on Dale Weise shows how lopsided the NHL is when it comes to how they handle discipline. Yes Moore deserved to be suspended for his hit on Weise but under the same criteria that the NHL claims to use in determining the suspensions that Moore was a first time offender who has no history of dirty play says 2 games is about NHL image.

If Dale Weise has a concussion as Montreal is claiming then whoever allowed to return to play in game 4 should be banned from the sport for life. There is a reason why the NHL has those dark rooms to determine whether or not a player has a head injury and that is to protect the players from being sent out to play with a concussion.

And if Dale Weise is in the Montreal lineup for game 6 then one will have the right to question whether or not he actually suffered any kind of concussion. Or was it just another act of Montreal embellishing a situation to gain an advantage?

In any case then Montreal say hello to another player you got rid of in Raphael Diaz. You might wish John Moore did play as Diaz has played well when he has filled in for Moore in the past.

In any event there is only one last thing left to say and that is

Just Win Boys Just Win

Posted by Jess Rubenstein | May 29, 2014 at 05:49 am

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New York Rangers VS Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  1 2 3 OT F
Rangers 3 0 0 - 3
Blackhawks 1 1 0 - 2

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