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Skapski's season ends in Game 7 loss

Mackenzie Skapski (Kootenay Ice)
Posted by Jess Rubenstein
April 17, 2014 at 05:56 am

When your team is up in a series 3 games to 1 then you would expect that winning that 4th and final game is something you should be able to accomplish. Yet for goalie Mackenzie Skapski (NYR 2013 6th) of the Kootenay Ice, the off-season is going to have a very bitter taste for him.

The Medicine Hat Tigers completed their series comeback from down 3-1 to win game seven 4-1 and advance to the WHL Eastern Conference Finals. The record books will show that Skapski lost game's 6 and 7 and that is just unfair.

Mackenzie Skapski got let down by his teammates at both ends of the ice, the Ice offense was way colder than the team name as it couldn't manage more than 2 goal combined in the last 2 games. Come draft day all of you will be hearing about how Sam Reinhart is an awesome scorer when he goes in the first five picks.

If you look at the current WHL playoff scoring leaderboard you will see Reinhart's name at the very top with a respectable 6-17-23 in 13 games. What you won't see is that against Medicine Hat Reinhart was 1-5-6 with all of his points coming in game's 3 and 4.  Other than that Reinhart was shut out and while I am not blaming all of this on him, the Ice after scoring 7 goals in game 4 stopped scoring and that is why their season is over.

Skapski who gave up 3 goals while facing 27 shots had his rocky moments during this playoff run but he brought his "Henrik Lundqvist" in game's 6 and 7. The only goal in game 7 that one can blame Skapski for would be Trevor Cox's goal 11 seconds into the 3rd period which proved to be the game winner.

But even then a case can be made for that goal and Cox's next goal at 11:19 were the result of odd man rushes thanks to defensive breakdowns. But in the end all that really is going to matter is that Mackenzie Skapski's season is over.

Overall Skapski was 3-4-1 with a 3.78 goals against and a save percentage of 0.882. In the regular season Skapski was 28-20-2-2 with a 2.70 goals against and 0.916 save percentage. While those numbers were very respectable they could have been and should have been better.

Skapski was very inconsistent over the first half of the season but caught fire in the second half when he reeled off 14 wins in 15 starts. The question now is will Kootenay rebuild next season (they expect to lose several key players) and if they do will they move a Skapski who will have a high trade value?

I don't see the Rangers signing him this off-season as I expect they are going to want to see which Skapski shows up next season. There is some real talent and potential here but first he has to show consistency.


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